The Method

Orthoepic Method A. Marrama®

We have realized that the cause of stammering is not a medical problem. Therefore, stammering should be approached with a specialist treatment that goes beyond normal clinical care: “The Orthoepic Method” which is based on the techniques of modulation normally associated with singing.


Stutterers don’t stutter when they sing. We Have perfected a method for overcoming the problem of stammering starting from this observation, and experimenting it on ourselves. With the application of such techniques the stutterer can acquire fluent and correct way of speaking.

The first steps

During the initial stages, students learn to bind the syllables together in a rhythmic way. The exercises comprise all the syllables existing in our language and they are modulated to produce a rhythm, so that the last one is connected to the first syllable of the following word.

Progressive elimination

In the next stage, you begin to formulate longer phrases with a complete meaning with the help of the rules learned in the first part of the course and with the indispensible support of reading, the language tends to become smooth and fluent, eliminating all traces of stammering and embarrassing distortion
Reading allowed is considered essential because it allows the student to focus and practice solely on the assimilation of the new rhythm of speech without the extra effort of having to think about what to say.

Guarantee results

At the end of the treatment, the results are outstanding, so much so, that the person acquires security and full mastery of the language.

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